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How We Do It

CAPs helps you better understand who your best customers are through advanced analytics.  By knowing what your most profitable customer looks like, you can then focus your marketing, sales, support and services to target the most profitable areas of your company.

Ultimately, the objective is to custom develop a "Good Customer Score (GCS)" for your company so you can capitalize on the benefits offered by knowing who are your best & worst customers.

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How can I make my marketing dollars work better for me?
Through the application of predictive modeling, you can identify which customers have the greatest propensity to buy more product...then a campaign is focused on the right group to increase customer satisfaction and, ultimately, the customer will stick around longer. From a customer perspective, It’s like going back for seconds of grandma’s best holiday dinner.
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How can I reduce "throw-away" advertising?
By segmenting your prospect database on type of service or product so that it matches up with specific types of customer profiles, one can tailor marketing materials that are of relevant interest to the potential client.  This match methodology will reduce the “Toss Factor” generating a lift in response rate and, ultimately, new customer acquisition.  From a customer perspective, this would be like going shopping and having someone else pick out exactly what you want before you walk in the door.
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So, I've collected all this data...Now what?
The key is to organize the data into subject matter area.  Then it can be used to tell a story (or several stories).  The result will have several uses in respect to how the business operates.  Once the data is organized, there are limitless uses that will reduce costs and make money.  Having data unorganized would be like a farmer mixing corn and beans in one bin.  The result would be of little or no value.  However, keeping the two separate, clean and ready for market makes the product quite valuable and ready to be processed.
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More specifically, I've collected data and information about my customers...NOW WHAT? 
Now it’s time to “Turn the Data into Dollars!”  This is done through a very structured process of analysis.  The data is organized, sampled, explored, modified, modeled, and assessed to determine the best methods for generating savings and/or revenue.  The result will be Business Process Optimization and/or the applied science of Predictive Analytics.  This is like a scientist finding a new species or element that will benefit mankind in their quest for the betterment of the human experience.
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