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  • Many people will spend their money on a lottery ticket, cigarettes, alcohol, or other items that return little to no value. In fact, these particular items can harm you.
  • This service will have a positive impact on your life in ways that can alter/enhance your life in respect to faith, family, friends, career, knowledge, etc.
  • Busy people do not have time to seek out advice and information on their own. Some just want a shortcut.
  • Others may not have the experience necessary to find the best reasonable answer.
  • Many well intentioned people subscribe to newsletters or monthly services and spend money for advice and information that they do not have time to read.
  • We bring value in ALL of these categories with this "pay-as-you-go" service.
  • Exceeding your expectations will be the result. You can visit LinkedIn  by clicking the link (or icon) at the bottom to get a glimpse of Rex's professional experience.

Advice & Information (A&I):

Your First A&I Response is FREE!  After the first  response, you choose the value for the response based on your satisfaction with the previous response.  There is no ongoing commitment other than a release of liability. Suggested value pricing is below under the SLE heading.  All interactions will be via email so the time stamp will be clearly documented.

Service Level Expectation (SLE) Suggested Value Per Response:
$1   = A&I personal value and/or response within 24 hours
$5   = A&I personal value and/or response within 12 hours
$10 = A&I personal value and/or response within   8 hours
$20 = A&I personal value and/or response within   4 hours
$40 = A&I personal value and/or response within   2 hours
$80 = A&I personal value and/or response within   1 hour


To use this service, simply send an email to or fill out the contact information below.  An invoice will be sent from PayPal based on the appropriate SLE noted above.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction or No Charge!  Just don't pay...That's right...Only pay if you agree with the value received!

Release of Liability:

Any advice and information (A&I) given is solely based on my experience and opinions. The A&I does not represent any of CAPs' or Rex Pruitt's affiliations with any other organizational entities or individuals.  This service is offered with full non-disclosure and confidentiality will be strictly enforced.  There will be absolutely no sharing of any of your contact or personal information through any means. By initiating an inquiry, paid or unpaid, you agree to assume full liability and accountability for decisions you might make as a result of any A&I provided through this service.  Neither CAPs or Rex Pruitt are financial advisors nor do they provide any professional financial investment advice.


How can I simply inquire about your Customer Analytic Professionals (CAPs) services?

Shoot us an email at and we can help determine how you can save money and time utilizing our "Customer Analytic" services.  We're here to turn your "time" and/or "data into dollars" using advanced analytics.

What if I want to receive "Advice & Information" via a conference call?

Please send an email to and we will arrange a day/time to have a conference call.  This type of appointment will be in one hour blocks and will be billed at $80.  There will be no proration for a conversation that is less than one hour.

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