Turning Data Into Dollars

Maximize profits with your current customers!

CAPs is dedicated to helping you understand your customer base.  With the information we provide, you can increase your profits while decreasing your headaches!

Concentrate on the customers who bring the best return!

Using a customized scoring formula, we help you learn who your best customers are.  Once you know that, you can concentrate your sales and service efforts on the right kind of client to maximize your profit and reduce the amount of resources dedicated to them.  Time saved is money saved!
Learn who your best customers are - based on cost of closing the sale, average ticket price, costs in man hours, retention and recovery efforts!

Target Market Qualification

CAPs serves the following industries: Financial Services (which includes Banking, Credit Card, and Insurance), Health Care, Government, Non-Profit, Retail, and Manufacturing.

Consider This...

• How can I make my marketing dollars work better for me?

• How can I reduce "throw-away" advertising?

• So, I've collected all this data...Now what?

• More specifically, I've collected data and information about my customers...NOW WHAT?
Recommended Solution

Add the “Good Customer Score” to the Data Warehouse (or customer database) and begin using it to develop and implement specific targeted Acquisition, Rewards, Retention, and Recovery strategies.
Estimated Opportunity Value

For example, a recommendation to reduce the attrition of a company’s “Top Good Customers” >= 2 Years on Book revealed a revenue lift opportunity of $15+ Million annually.